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*Heeladina Dropship must be 18 years old and above.
1. Every HEELADINA Dropship should sell at SAME PRICE THAT HAS BEEN DECIDED BY HEELADINA HQ ONLY. If the dropship is found selling at a lower or expensive price, your membership as a HEELADINA Dropship will automatically be terminated.
2. Any image for marketing purposes can be downloaded through the HEELADINA website or ‘screenshot’ from HEELADINA Official Instagram or use the pictures supplied by HEELADINA Team via Telegram Heeladina DROPSHIP.
3. HEELADINA team will provide support group regarding sales to all HEELADINA dropship from time to time.
4. The code of conduct of each dropship to the HEELADINA customer should be maintained. An Official Dropship indirectly represents Heeladina. If there is a complaint against any HEELADINA Dropship from HEELADINA customers, your HEELADINA Dropship membership will be terminated immediately.
5. HEELADINA Dropship is ALLOWED to promote HEELADINA product on any social site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), community selling sites (eBay,, etc.), your blog site or can also make offline sales.
6. HEELADINA Dropship is ALLOWED to make any comments in the form of advertisements/promotions at Heeladina column on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK.
7. All PURCHASES and PAYMENT matters regarding the order are on the website only.
8. Dropship price is excluding postage price EXCEPT it is specified/informed by HEELADINA. Each new dropship is suggested to consults HEELADINA HQ regarding the selling price before informing the customer due to the price change from time to time.
9. HEELADINA HQ will process and ship the orders to dropship’s customers only after receiving an invoice from HEELADINA payment gateway or a proof of payment from the dropship.
10. Online Banking – Each HEELADINA Dropship MUST have online banking for any bank account to facilitate payment arrangement.
11. The currency used in all payment purchases is in Malaysia Ringgit (RM) only.
12. Any posting/shipping arrangements regarding customer’s order will be handled by HEELADINA HQ.
13. Delivery shall be made within three (3) to five (5) working days after receipt of confirmation except on other emergency matters which will undoubtedly be notified later. During sale, delivery will be made within five (5) to ten (10) working days.
14. Social Media – Each dropship should have an active email address, an application (WhatsApp and Telegram), Facebook or Instagram account for promotional purposes. This is because Telegram and email are the primary platforms of communication used in the HEELADINA dropship system that connects between HEELADINA team and HEELADINA dropship.
15. Every dropship should download the Telegram app and follow the channel given by HEELADINA HQ.
Channel is private, link Telegram will be given once dropship registration approved. Please contact our support staff at 017-2312346 for link telegram. (
16. Any matters, inquiries, concerns, please contact directly via email at:
Every commission value is subject to change and based on any promotion made by HEELADINA.
This Dropship Terms and Conditions are subject to any changes from time to time by HEELADINA Management.
Thank you.
Management of HEELADINA
Updated on 20 FEBRUARY 2021.

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