I Love You 3000 Giftset

RM 100.00

“Everyone has a gift for something, even if it is the gift of being a good friend.”
― Marian Anderson



Introducing our exquisite gift set for women, designed to make every occasion truly special. This thoughtfully curated set includes a luxurious hijab plain scarf, a medium-sized gift box, a beautifully tied ribbon, and a heartfelt wish card.

The hijab plain scarf in this gift set is crafted from premium-quality fabric, offering a comfortable and stylish accessory for everyday wear. Its simplicity in design allows for effortless pairing with any outfit. Adding a touch of modesty and sophistication. With a range of versatile colors to choose from, the hijab plain scarf opens up endless possibilities for styling.

  • The medium-sized gift box is meticulously designed, providing the perfect container for the gift items. It adds an element of surprise and anticipation to the unboxing experience. While ensuring the safekeeping of the contents. The sturdy construction of the gift box ensures its durability, while the elegant design enhances its visual appeal.

The ribbon not only secures the gift box but also enhances its overall aesthetic, making it visually pleasing and ready for gifting. Additionally, the heartfelt wish card included in the set allows you to express your sentiments and wishes to the recipient. Add a personal touch by writing a heartfelt message, making the gift even more meaningful and memorable.

This gift set is a perfect choice for birthdays or any special occasion. It showcases your thoughtfulness and care in selecting a meaningful gift. Present this exquisite gift set and let the recipient feel cherished and appreciated.

Order now and give the gift of style, elegance, and heartfelt wishes with our carefully curated gift set, featuring a hijab plain scarf, medium-sized gift box, beautifully tied ribbon, and a heartfelt wish card.

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